Work In The Recommendation Marketing!

One of your tasks is to make contact with people. Find out what their goals and problems are and recommend appropriate products that help the person to solve their problems or achieve their goals.

Customers Akquisation

Acquire and take care of new customers. We sell over 570 different products in the categories of food, nutritional supplement, personal care, cosmetics, household goods and kitchen appliances.
You can create a stock of goods or buy the goods only once you have a buyer.

There is also a 60-day return guarantee.


Business partner acquisition

Acquire new business partners and introduce them to the business. For this purpose, you will understandably also get help from the team, so that every new partner is optimally instructed.
Customers can also become business partners at any time.

Why Choose Marketing? Why Choose Us?

Our partner company has been in existence for over 60 years and is the market leader in direct sales with 11 billion USD in annual revenue, of which our team generates  400 million USD.

Our goal is for new consultants to achieve success and become independent as quickly as possible, therefore is the first year is worked hand in hand.

Each new consultant also receives a multi-page aid from already established consultants and a game plan.
This is created according to your interests and preferences, so that you can achieve your goals in the best possible way.


How can customers and consultants be acquired?

Every person has his or her preferences and you should proceed accordingly. We are particularly active in the social media sector, but we also supported you in all other areas and explain the exact procedure.


    To name a few methods:
  • On social media, contact with Users.
  • Facebook groups and be active in others.
  • Get in touch inforums or other pages with users.
  • Create professional pages on social media and post regularly.

Old School

  • Direct contact on the street with pedestrian.
  • ¬†Door to door conversations


Of course, there are considerably more methods.


Ready or still questions?

Contact us if you are willing to learn more and create your game plan in cooperation with us.

Otherwise, check out the FAQ.

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