Your Qualifications

Whoever sows a thought today will reap the deed tomorrow, the habit the day after tomorrow and finally his fate.

-Gottfried Keller

well-groomed dealing with people

In general, will you have a lot of contact with people, whether you are talking on the phone, writing or communicating face to face is up to you as a self-employed person.

So ask yourself: Do you enjoy getting in touch with people? Even if you don’t know them yet?

Discipline and perseverance

Most companies do not make a profit in the first few years. Many new founders are deterred and give up. Zalando invested four years in the business with a total loss of 250 million.

Now the company is generating millions. In 2018 alone, the profit was €173 million. The Zalando management did not give up and is now allowed to reap the laurels!

You won’t make a loss, but you won’t make a lot of money from the start. You have to build the business first!


You don’t need any tax knowledge. In practice, you will tipe your income and expenses in the tax program of your choice.

The resulting profit must be taxed and the program calculates the amount that must be transferred to the responsible tax office.

There are many ways of saving taxes, but you don’t have to save tax.


Understanding finances

As a self-employed person, you will manage a lot of money, but not all the money belongs to you! In the employee relationship, insurance and taxes are paid before the payout and the net salary is entirely yours.

As a self-employed person, this is not the case and you have to pay on your own! If you put this down for a few months, you will suddenly have to cede the income for a whole month or more, which can lead to financial bottlenecks.

In summary, you must be able to handle money and have an overview of your costs as well as claims!


Willingness to learn and adapt.

Ten years ago, even the most powerful computers were not as powerful as today’s smartphones. The world is changing, and so are people’s needs.

In order to become successful and to remain so, everyone needs to have the motivation to learn! Otherwise, the person will be left behind!


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